Although the goal is to always to have a balanced diet, three good meals and two healthy snacks, we do have to realize that athletes, student athletes, moms and dads are very busy ~ and to expect that goal to be reached on a daily basis is unrealistic.

And pressed for time (and being hungry!), we will always go to whatever is the closest and most convenient if we do not have access to any other options in the way of nutrition. Unfortunately, most times this in some way involves “fast food”.

Coaches and trainers like nothing better than straightforward advice to give their athletes ~ and yet, with all of the choices and misinformation, it is oftentimes overwhelming.

Regardless, we have to do a better job in providing some structure to helping athletes consume the right foods, fluids and fuels ~ otherwise, we can’t expect them to perform at their highest level. We are here to help provide “good choices” when it comes to snacks, hydration and “on the go” meal options.

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