High School and College Sports Nutrition

There is an intimate connection between nutrition & performance!

Combining the proper nutrition with exercise can lead to improved performance and recovery. TheSportsNutritionEdge offers sports nutrition counseling for high school and college athletes.

Have "The Edge" a Part of Your Game Plan

We provide individual and team nutrition coaching. Programs can be created specifically for your nutritional needs and your particular sport.

Individualized nutrition coaching offers:

  • How to eat healthy in combination with exercise
  • Protein, calorie and fluid requirements
  • Meal and snack ideas
  • Proper use of vitamins, minerals and sports supplements
  • Discovering the nutrition needed to achieve maximum performance - this means having the energy to sustain workouts, competition and nutrition for recovery and rest
  • Pre-exercise nutrition
  • Post-exercise and recovery nutrition
  • Tips to achieve and maintain your ideal body weight

Team and group presentations provide:

  • Healthy eating examples for improved performance and health
  • Pre-and post-workout nutrition and working closely with team trainers
  • Specific topics for your team, including many of the individualized offerings
  • Presentations for all types of athletes, groups and organizations

Glycogen storage/dynamics is the cornerstone to improving athletic performance nutritionally - researchers have determined a direct correlation                            between glycogen storage & performance                 

It is important to point out how critical it is to have everyone--the coaching staff, team physicians, athletic trainers, nutritionists, on the same page regarding optimal nutrition – and to have a well-structured ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE NUTRITION program a part of the athletic program.


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