About The Sports Nutrition Edge


After being in the healthcare industry for over 25 years, it almost “second-nature” for me to have an attitude and desire to help others. So, I started TheSportsNutritionEdge as I saw it as another opportunity to help and serve people. My passion for sports and my interest in nutrition inspired me to combine these two areas into starting this company.

My motivation stems from seeing a lot of confusion among athletes and the amount of information regarding sports nutrition can oftentimes be overwhelming. In addition, athletes are bombarded by advertisements and advice from all different venues - I feel that now more than ever, there is an increased demand for accurate sports nutrition information.

It’s a great feeling to wake up every day with the opportunity to help people whether it’s in sports nutrition, health and wellness or weight management. My goals are fairly simple – it’s to make a positive difference in an athlete’s training and performance, to help a person develop a healthier lifestyle or assist someone reach a weight loss goal. What makes this company very important to me is that I believe that by providing people with the right tools and resources, I can play a significant part in their success.

I hope to have the opportunity to offer a plan and a course of action to you, your team or your clients.

TheSportsNutritionEdge is unique in that most other sports nutrition websites are either educational-based (and they provide a lot of great information) or they are strictly product-based – and most of those have a very limited selection of sports foods/fuels and not all of the products are safe or have been certified by a credible third party to not contain any questionable, illegal or banned substances.

What I have done is to combine the educational aspect with a premier product line and deliver the recommendations, resources and products with a “personal touch”.

There are some fairly decent and familiar products that have good name recognition; however, please understand that a product with a prominent brand name does not necessarily mean it is the best product available.

So, you can trust TheSportsNutritionEdge to provide you with honest, accurate and quality information, recommendations and resources.

I am here to inspire and motivate you to action! Please let me know how I can help.


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